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Just like with people, some pets suffer from anxiety disorders. The signs of stress vary between dogs and cats, with dogs often showing obvious signs such as barking, salivating and chewing up or destroying bedding and other household items. Cats being much more refined creatures (if I do say so myself) usually show more subtle signs. Anxious cats are more likely to hide and avoid contact with other family members. They may show changes in normal behaviour patterns such as spending more time inside or outside than usual, rest more or feign sleep and be less active or avoid playing. Some cats act out with aggression towards people or other animals, or just become jumpy. Many people don't recognise these changes as stress related and it is not until cats develop problems such as toileting in inappropriate places that their owners realise there is a problem.

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Bunny Goes on a Diet

Bunny scales2

The start of a new year often brings resolutions about health and fitness. For many this means a plan to eat healthier and lose weight. The staff at Lynwood Vet all vowed to eat healthier and try to avoid the temptation of Chicken Spot next door to the clinic at lunch time. And they have included me in this resolution as well – whether I like it or not! 

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Bunny Talks About Allergies

Bun itchy

At this time of the year we have many animals coming into the clinic with skin and ear problems. Dogs and cats are brought in by their loving owners because they are itchy, have hair missing, their skin is red or they have sores or scabs. Many of these pets have allergies.

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Bunny's First Post

Bunny reception

As this is my first blog entry, I'd like to introduce myself - I am Bunny and am the resident feline at the Lynwood Veterinary Clinic. As most of our clients know, I spend a large amount of my day sitting on the reception desk supervising patients and staff alike.  Originally I arrived at the Lynwood Vet Clinic after trying unsuccessfully to integrate myself into the home of an eldery client. While I was very happy to co-habit her abode with her other cat, Mrs Leek was a little distressed at my ever expanding waistline and her cat was not too happy about having to share his devoted owner's attention, so I was taken to the vet clinic, along with my partner (later to be known as Sambo). Subsequently I gave birth to a litter of gorgeous kittens in Dr Evelyn's wardrobe. Once the children were rehomed, I went to live with Sambo in his new home but I couldn't settle in and I kept leaving home to visit Mrs Leek. Eventually it was decided that I would stay at the vet clinic and became a permanent member of staff.

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