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As this is my first blog entry, I'd like to introduce myself - I am Bunny and am the resident feline at the Lynwood Veterinary Clinic. As most of our clients know, I spend a large amount of my day sitting on the reception desk supervising patients and staff alike.  Originally I arrived at the Lynwood Vet Clinic after trying unsuccessfully to integrate myself into the home of an eldery client. While I was very happy to co-habit her abode with her other cat, Mrs Leek was a little distressed at my ever expanding waistline and her cat was not too happy about having to share his devoted owner's attention, so I was taken to the vet clinic, along with my partner (later to be known as Sambo). Subsequently I gave birth to a litter of gorgeous kittens in Dr Evelyn's wardrobe. Once the children were rehomed, I went to live with Sambo in his new home but I couldn't settle in and I kept leaving home to visit Mrs Leek. Eventually it was decided that I would stay at the vet clinic and became a permanent member of staff.

My role at the clinic is varied. In the waiting room, I greet the clients, usually by demanding a scratch under the chin whilst lounging on the counter, or if I am in a cheeky mood, by suddenly sticking my paw between the gap in the counter and the computer screen when they reach across the desk. I like to greet patients in the waiting room to ensure they are all aware of my importance, and if they aren't aware of my supremacy I am not averse to giving a quick swipe of the paw (no claws extended of course - I am highly civilised). But my main role, is supervising the staff to ensure they are all working hard, to supply me with my required daily amount of food and attention.

With the clinic website launched recently, we decided that we would write a regular blog on topics of current interest. With the help of Dr Louise, I will be chatting about all sorts of blog topics from general health care to specific medical conditions. Poor as Dr Louise's typing skills may be,  she is still quicker at typing than I am - I find my paws just hit too many keys at once when I try tapping the keyboard.

So today I thought I'd talk about a problem that seems to be a cause of great distress for clients and patients alike at this time of the year - 


Fleas are external parasites that can be very pesky and sometimes difficult to get rid of. This is because only 5% of the flea population is found on your pet and the rest is in the environment as eggs, larva and adult fleas. To control the flea population it is essential to treat all pets in the household, and for best prevention to treat all year round. Even if you only see one or two fleas on you pet, they will cause irritation and in the case of some pets (myself included), an allergic reaction to the flea saliva which can cause severe itchiness and secondary infections.

The best people to ask for advice about fleas are the vet nurses and vets at the clinic. They can advise you on the most effective flea treatment for your household. It is important to follow the information on the packet of all flea products. Some of the products available at the supermarket for dogs can be toxic to cats, even if your cat decides to show your dog how much he's loved by licking him after treatment. Other products are not suitable for young kittens and puppies.

We recommend using monthly flea preventatives such as Comfortis, a tasty tablet, or spot on treatments like Advantage or Activyl, the most recent addition to flea treatment. So if your dog or cat is trying to tell you he has fleas either by scratching, chewing or overgrooming in the case of cats, please come down and see our staff for help.

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