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The start of a new year often brings resolutions about health and fitness. For many this means a plan to eat healthier and lose weight. The staff at Lynwood Vet all vowed to eat healthier and try to avoid the temptation of Chicken Spot next door to the clinic at lunch time. And they have included me in this resolution as well – whether I like it or not! 


To start with we looked at my weight and body condition. There was no doubt that my waistline was getting a little hard to find. We thought we’d change to a high fibre low calorie weight loss diet.  The great thing with weight loss diets is they provide all of the essential nutrients with less kilojoules and the low GI means your pet will feel satisfied eating it. I thought this food was a fantastic change from my normal diet which proves that healthy food can taste good too! Unfortunately my skin allergies quickly started to flare up and I had to go back to my hypoallergenic biscuits. 

So in order to get my waistline back, the girls have been weighing my food every day. My daily allowance is weighed in the morning and left in a container so that everyone knows this is all I’m allowed during the day. Once it is gone I don’t get any more... even when I give them the “I’m starving” look. In just 4 weeks I’ve gone from 5kg to 4.7kg - a weight loss of 6%. I’m looking much better and the aim is now to maintain this weight.

Handy weight loss tips :-

  • Change to a weight loss diet.
  • Reduce or cut out snacks and treats – every treat, no matter how small, adds unnecessary calories. Some commercial treats are very high in fat and salt too – which is why pets love them!
  • Weigh daily food allowance and ensure everyone sticks to the plan.
  • Increase exercise to help burn fat – often when pets are asking for food, they just want love and attention so instead of giving a treat take them for a walk or play a game.
  • Regular weight checks at the vet. Take a photo before starting the new diet so you can look at it later and see how far you’ve come. 

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Studies show that 41% of pets in Australia are overweight or obese. If you are concerned about your pet’s waistline (or lack of one!) come down to the clinic for a free weight check. The girls can help you with a diet plan and decide on a target weight to aim for. Regular weight checks every fortnight or month will help you and your pet keep on track to reaching your goal.

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