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  • Dr Louise Duval
    BSc BVMS

    Louise grew up in the local area surrounded by many pets, and developed a love of horses at a young age. This inspired her entry into vet school and she graduated from Murdoch University in 1998. Louise worked in a number of veterinary clinics in the Perth area, starting in mixed practice, before settling into the Lynwood Vet Clinic in 2004. She has been working there since then, and took over ownership of the practice from Dr Evelyn Auger in December 2013. 

    When not busy at the clinic, Louise is busy at home with four children, two dogs, two cats, two birds and two ponies. It is a constant battle with the children not to keep all the stray kittens and puppies that come through the clinic doors, and the children often help out with the care and raising of these orphans with the strict rules that they are not staying! In her spare time, Louise likes to relax with a good book, take a bike ride along the river and chill out with friends. She hopes to find the time to get back into horse riding in the near future and one day to have a few acres of land (though it will be a struggle preventing the children from collecting even more animals to fill it with).

    Evie and Louise
  • Dr Aimee Jongeling
    BSc BVMS

    Aimee grew up with a menagerie of animals, due to her family's progression from hobby farmers to producers of stud beef cattle on a farm south of Perth. Growing up with cows, horses, cats, dogs, goats, chickens, turkeys and an occasional stray sheep fostered her love for all animals and an interest in joining the veterinary profession.  Aimee graduated from Murdoch University in 2006 and initially pursued a career in mixed practice before focusing solely on companion animals.

    Aimee joined the Lynwood Veterinary Clinic in early 2017 and has enjoyed getting to know the Lynwood clientele, both two and four legged. She has a special interest in dermatology, and enjoys keeping her skills and knowledge up to date by attending regular continuing education events.

    Aimee and her husband Graham have 3 vivacious young daughters to keep them both busy. They also have a senior cat called Buzz who requires regular rescuing from the youngest toddler who thinks he is just fabulous, and have recently adopted a young Cavalier x Poodle called Indy.

  • Megan Bell-Jones
    Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

    Megan joined the Lynwood Vet Clinic in 1996 as a young vet nurse. She has worked her way up to Senior Vet Nurse and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience which she is happy to share when asked for advice. She is very knowledgable when it comes to dog training, behaviour and performance. Her love of dogs is apparent to all those who know her and she is highly respected in the agility world having competed for Australia at two World Agility events in recent years. She currently competes with her dogs, Liryk and Edge, with Liryk recently winning the State Top Jumping Dog of the Year title and both Liryk and Edge competing in the Australian nationals. Megan strives to do her best at all times whilst most importantly keeping her training fun for her dogs. She is always on the look out for new and innovative approaches, regularly attends training seminars overseas and holds training seminars to share her knowledge with others.

  • Melissa Heffernan
    Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

    Melissa has grown up around an array of animals at home including fish, birds, rabbits, dogs and cats. There were regular trips as a child to her family's farm in Manjimup. This was where she adopted her first stray cat from the rubbish dump and learnt that riding a horse actually takes more skill than just jumping on and hoping for the best.

    She started at the Lynwood Vet Clinic as part of her school work experience program in 2005. Having decided that being a vet nurse was definitely the career for her, she began working at Lynwood doing hydrobaths on Saturdays before starting her vet nurse traineeship once she had completed Year 12. After 10 years as a vet nurse, Melissa took a break from Lynwood during 2016 when she worked at Rivergum Referral Service, a surgical specialist hospital. Whilst she enjoyed learning new skills, she decided referral practice was not for her and returned to Lynwood in 2017.

    Melissa is a dedicated nurse, often taking ill patients home overnight for care and developing our fantastic puppy preschool program on top of her normal daily duties. She is looking forward expanding her knowledge in behaviour with further training in 2017, and will also complete her Diploma of Veterinary Nursing in the future.

    Melissa lives with her husband Damien. They share their home with 2 cats, Vegemite and Peanut, both of whom came into the clinic as stray kittens, and Saxon, a black German Shepherd who keeps Melissa and Damien very busy with his cheeky antics. The weekends are filled with trips to the park and beach, lots of playtime both inside and outside with the multitude of dog toys that fill the house, afternoon doggy naps when possible and if Melissa is lucky a glass of wine!

    Mel and dogs2
  • Ana Badra
    Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

    Ana was born in Brazil and since she was a young child exploring the backyard, she knew she wanted to work with animals - although at the time the plan was to own a zoo! She had as many pets as she could possibly convince her mother to let her have. Although her love of animals never faded, somehow she ended up studying law. But after graduating she realised that her law degree and the career that lay ahead was not even close to what would bring her true happiness. Finally brave enough to pursue her childhood dream of working with animals, Ana came to Australia to study veterinary nursing. She graduated in December 2015 and has not stopped smiling since!

    Ana is busy learning to be the best vet nurse she can possibly be. She is passionate about studying and is often attending continuing education courses and doing webinars online. She is also talented artist and is using this talent in the clinic to produce our information and display boards.

    Ana lives with her partner, Damien, and her cousin Iane, her husband, Benjamin and their 2 children, Sarah and Ben. Also part of the household, are Stitch, an energetic Maltese, Fish and Chips, the goldfish, and the catfish trio, Tartar, Mayo and Ketchup. A full, noisy and vibrant home, just like Brazilians are so fond of.

    Ana n Stitch
  • Zakara Duval
    Trainee Vet Nurse

    Zakara has grown up surrounded by animals and has spent a lot of time in various vet clinics, including sleeping at Murdoch University for  a week during her mother's live in practical experience during the final year of vet school. She completed Year 12 in 2013 and after starting a gap year, decided that she would start a vet nurse traineeship whilst investigating long term career options, with the thought of maybe later combining a physiotherapy degree with her love of dogs and horses. She is learning lots of valuable skills in customer service, animal care and handling, health and safety, and other nursing duties at the clinic whilst studying her Cert IV in Vet Nursing externally through TAFE.

    Zakara's favourite pass time is horse riding. She has been active at Pony Club for many years and loves nothing more than spending time with her beloved horses, Nate and Kalli. Her long term goal is to convince her mother to buy a property so she can get more horses and then start collecting other animals, with a pet pig, a cow and a goat on the wish list.


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