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Lynwood Veterinary Clinic
568 Metcalfe Rd
WA 6148

08 9451 3575

Consultations By Appointment

Fifteen minute consultations are scheduled to give time for a thorough examination and to discuss any concerns or problems your pet might have. In some cases an extended 30 minute consultation is required for more complicated cases. Treatment plans are made and fully discussed, with the best treatments available offered. Referrals to specialists in medicine, surgery, opthalmology and oncology are available if needed. Our staff maintain their skills by regularly attending conferences and training courses to keep up to date with the newest treatment options available.


Routine Health Care, Vaccinations, Microchipping and Dietary Advice


Diagnostic Services, Including In House Blood Testing and Digital Radiology

We have a well equipped in house laboratory allowing us to perform in house blood testing for preanaesthetic testing, emergency blood profiles, urinalysis, and specific viral testing. We also send samples to an external pathology laboratory when required for more specialised testing. Digital radiography allows us to take quality xrays every time, meaning a shorter procedure for your pet and less radiation exposure, and allowing us to easily send xrays to a radiologist for expert opinion if needed. If ultrasound is required, we are able to organise this to be done by a specialist in our clinic. 

Surgical Procedures

Routine surgeries are scheduled Monday to Friday. Pets are usually admitted in the morning and most are able to go home the same day. We perform routine surgeries such as desexing, dental treatments, ear cleans and wound repairs as well as more complicated soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic procedures as needed. Our nurses are highly trained in anaesthetic monitoring and your pet is watched continuously throughout the anaesthetic and until completely recovered. We have Surgivet monitoring which  allows us to monitor heart and respiratory rate, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature, ECG and blood pressure throughout surgery. Your pet's safety whilst under anaesthetic is our highest priority. We recommend preanaesthetic blood tests and intravenous fluids as gold standard care, and consider it essential for older pets.


Puppy Preschool

Puppy classes are run by our very experienced senior vet nurse, Melissa. They are usually held on a Monday or Tuesday evening after consultations and each course runs for 4 weeks. An essential part of your puppy's social development, we highly recommend puppy preschool as a way to familiarise your puppy with the vet clinic and set him up with good skills for interacting with people and dogs. We can always tell a puppy preschool graduate as he runs into the clinic with a big smile on his face every time.


Other Services

  • Accell Massage Therapy sessions
  • hydrobaths
  • weight loss programs
  • senior and palliative care programs
  • Royal Canin premium and prescription diets (other diets available by order)


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